Treat Yourself as Though You Were a Beloved Friend

Treat yourself as though you were a beloved friend. You aren’t your net worth; don’t confuse the two.  Kindness is more important than intelligence, although I hope you never have to choose. A sense of humor is almost as importance as kindness. When things get difficult, help someone else. Integrity counts. Nurture your friendships. Those friendships and good health are among your greatest treasures. Cultivate curiosity. Wisdom will come in a myriad of forms. Please don’t mistake your Ivy-League education for it.

Be grateful for having the privilege of a fine education. Savor the wonders around you daily. They will multiply. Know, too, everyone has their fears; you are seeing their façade. Listen to your internal voice. If it multiplies and argues, just get help. Don’t ever be too proud to ask for it. Remember the ripple effects of your actions. What you say and do truly matters. Most of all, know that if you are able to get up in the morning, use clean hot and cold running water, discuss our government freely and not worry about your safety or a family member’s safety because of it, you are fortunate.

- Cindy Frenkel  '85SOA